Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Out and about in Brissy

Just as the mauve flowers of the jacarandas have slowly given way to new foliage, the poinciana trees have become ablaze with scarlet flowers. My own is a bit slow off the mark, but I don't take that personally--my frangipanis seem to be a little late too. But rather than wait on it, I couldn't resist snapping one to share with you, from the dozens I passed on a short Sunday drive.

On Saturday I was also out and about and called into Meads Daylily Nursery, where I have bought, not only all my daylilies, but also the beautiful epiphyllum that I posted on Bloom Day. There were two other colours out in flower.

A pale pink

and this lovely cream one, which had gold buds and spent flowers.

Somehow I managed to resist both, although I did get a tiny slip of one I had years ago and had lost. I just missed the flowers, but hopefully can enjoy my own in just a couple of years.

I spent a long time wandering and looking at the daylilies for a dark mauve or purple, and I finally settled on 'Russian Ragtime'. None were in flower, but I am sure it is one I fancied last year, and my new addition is in bud, so all will soon be revealed.

Back home, apart from 'Royal Rego' and 'Wedding Band', many of my daylilies have finished their first flush of flowers.

This daylily is 'Donna Mead'. It's my favorite of the dark reds.

'Mr Lucky' has just finished flowering.

'Passion for Life' another favourite

'Velvet Rose', a great performer. 

Some of the others are looking a little bit tired, and the blooms being produced are definitely smaller than a fortnight ago. It has been hot and very dry, in fact our driest November on record, but storms have been predicted for this afternoon, and rain is expected to last till the weekend, so I'm sure with a good soaking and a light feed they will bounce back as good as new in a couple of weeks.

It doesn't matter what the conditions are like, there is always a bromeliad bound to bring a smile to this gardener's face. This flower snuck up on me; I hadn't noticed my favourite sun-lover was in bud.

I gave away the last spare pup of this I had, but I think I will keep any progeny all to myself this year. The grey mauve of the leaves is always interesting, and it contrasts beautifully with the autumn tones of some of the daylilies and the deep pinks of the cosmos and 'Wendy's Wish' salvia, so I will try to find a few more places in the garden for it.


  1. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    I have never seen a poinciana tree before. Very pretty! The pink epiphyllum is exquisite. Your daylilies are beautiful too. I like 'Mr. Lucky', both the name and the vivid orange flower.

  2. Such a pretty collection of flowers! The colours are so vibrant!

  3. The daylilies are wonderful in the garden. They come in such a range of colours. It is great fun playing with different combinations, but a constant challenge to resist the urge for just one more.



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