Sunday, 13 November 2011

Delighting in daylilies

It's been a huge and, at times, difficult week. I am surrounded by absolutely chaos indoors and should definitely be tending to the chores, but the garden has been so lovely that I need to share, and what could be more therapeutic. 

No matter how crazy life has been lately, I always try to find time to 'smell the roses' and to keep snapping. But where to start? The daylilies are at their best and are absolute scenestealers, so I'll take my cue from them.

One of the many things I enjoy when the daylilies are out is the serendipitous colour combinations. Here 'All American Tiger' contrasts beautifully with the mauve tones of 'Douglas Lycett' and 'Always Afternoon', the grey foliage of the bromeliads, and the trunks of the poinciana and frangipani.

The daylilies here from left to right are 'Acacia Bella', 'Finished with a Flourish', and 'Passion for Life'

'Percivile James' -  I can't resist the really dramatic eyes and edges combination in some daylilies.

Daylily 'Douglas Lycett'

'Spacecoast Whiteout' with Salvia 'Hot Lips'

'Velvet Rose' with variegated Alstomeria, red Cordylines, and Cosmos

Looking past Salvia 'Wendy's Wish', the red cordylines, and daylilies to my very humble water feature. In the distant left is a Pineapple Sage, which is a mass of scarlet flowers.

'Passion's Promise' with Night Scented Jasmine Cestrum nocturum

Autumn tones: Daylilies 'Mr Lucky' and 'Kent's Favourite Two' pick up the colour of the bronze sunloving bromeliads in the background and tone in beautifully with Saliva 'Wendy's Wish' and the red cordylines.

'Always Afternoon' with 'Royal Rego' behind it.

I was worried I'd lost 'Royal Rego', so it was a very pleasant surprise to be greeted by these beautiful flowers this morning.

 'Spacecoast Seashells' has just come out this week.

Daylilies 'Acacia Bella' and 'Finished with a Flourish'


  1. I've only just come to appreciate Daylilies in the past two years. I've never tried growing them before and now I feel like I've been missing out! You have a fabulous collection and that patch in the front yard looks terrific. I just wish I had loads more room to plant loads more Daylilies. Loved your modest water feature.

  2. Thanks Bernie. The water feature leaks and is a bit lopsided as a result, but it looked very pretty when the iris was out and the little fish in there seem happy enough.

  3. Hi Marisa, Your daylily garden is delightful. I do like your planting schemes. They harmonize beautifully with the other colours. I also like my daylilies combined with other plants. I have grown them for ever and I am still fascinated by them and how they have come out of their shells!♥T

  4. Hi Titania, I am starting to think I have a daylily addiction. I only intended to have a handful of pale lemon and white ones in the front garden, and opted for tutti frutti colours in the back so that I could look out on bright colours while I did the washing up! Once I moved them all to the front to escape the dogs, I was convinced I had too many, and yet I keeping succumbing to temptation. I think now I will plant them as a border around the edge of all the front u-shaped garden, not just the left and middle. Now, where to move what is growing there now?



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