Sunday, 25 August 2013

Australian Native Orchid Society conference

I had reluctantly set yesterday aside to do the paperwork for my tax, but brother Tony called on Friday and said he was heading to the 7th Australian Native Orchid Society conference and orchid show at Strathpine, a northern Brisbane suburb, on a bus trip with his local orchid society and suggested we meet up . 

That sounded like a much nicer way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning, so I was only to happy to agree.  If you remember from my last post, Tony has a fabulous collection (click on Tony's garden to revisit), and his particular favourite is the King or Rock Orchid, Dendrobium speciosum. As soon as I entered the exhibition, I was blown away by the number of these cream through to yellow beauties. And there was so much more...

Here are just some of the wonderful orchids on display.

D. speciosum


I think this was  Dendrobium 'Colonial Bullion'


Love this gorgeous striped Dendrobium 'Julie Mitchell'

Dendrobium 'Kathy Gee...' (part of the name was obscured)

Den. 'Pacific Pride"

Den. 'Vivid' x speciosum

Den. 'Desert Rose'

Den. Helix x trilamelatum

Den. Burgundy Bride 'Melbourne' x delicatum 'Tracy'

As above

Den. (Burgundy Bride 'Dell' x Tie Dye) x speciosum var speciosum 'Windemere'

Den. Aussie's Sweetness x polysema

Den. canaliculatum

Thought this lovely orchid looked so much like a hellebore.

This terrestrial orchid is Ptst. Hoodwink

This tall Swamp Orchid Phaius australis was local to the area. (Tony snapped up a rare yellow version, but it won't be ready to flower for a couple of years.)

Love this colour combination so much. This was Den. Fraser's Lavender Curls.

Den. 'Angelline' x Rutherford Sunspot

 And my final five, not Australian natives, but stunning Zygopetalums available in the Sales section.

This was Cynosure, a rare blue.

My only purchases, despite overwhelming temptation, were a packet of plant tags and a marking pencil. (I know, I can hardly believe it either!) However, I didn't come away empty handed.  Tony bought me a lovely Dendrobium (speciosum, of course) as a very early birthday present. And on top of that, when I checked on my own at home in the poinciana tree, there are at least six or seven flower spikes.  I am going to have to think about moving it a little lower so that I can really enjoy it.





  1. Awwwwww, no fair. I really wanted to go to that but I didn't have time in between working on all of my assignments, but it's a consolation to be able to see your photos :D

    Hopefully I'll be able to go to it next year... hopefully it's not held at an ANOS club too far away :D

    1. I was feeling a bit guilty for posting so many photos, Michael, so I am glad they were helpful. It was great. I'm the other side of town, but it was well worth the drive. Hope you can get along next time.

  2. Gosh there were some beautiful orchids there. thanks for sharing.

    1. Some gorgeous ones definitely. I am all inspired to build up my orchid collection once again.

  3. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.....I'm sure the tax man will understand.
    Beautiful beautiful idea of heaven.....thanks for the lovely photos.

    1. They really were very lovely, and many had a beautiful perfume as well.

  4. Paperwork, plants, paperwork, plants, hmm, tough choice . . but you managed to get a few photos so I suppose you made the right one :-)

    1. This weekend I am inspired by the first day of spring, so no further progress on the paperwork again, Mac.

  5. Lovely photos. Coincidentally I just posted about these orchids on my blog. They have just finished flowering here :)

    1. I just ducked over and had a look, Adam. The orchids you posted are just lovely.

  6. Orchid shows are so tempting. I usually go for the easy ones; those who will patiently sit on a tree and look after themselves.
    The King orchids or Rock orchids are always a pleasure to see, what a show. They scent the garden with this special dusty fragrance. Beautiful photos, hard to say NO to these beauties.

    1. Sorry I have let so much time slip by, Titania. The rock orchids are lovely while they last. It looks like the next orchids out in my garden will be the Dancing Ladies. I can't wait!



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