Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Antique shopping Jakarta-style

The weather was lovely on the weekend, so I headed to explore a little more of my temporary home by taking a taxi to the Antiques Markets just off Jl. Diponegoro.  What a treasure trove, especially for a chinoiserie and blue and white china nut, like me.

There is a whole street full of wonderful antique stalls. Entering any one of them is like a visit to Aladdin's cave.

I think I could have found a genie in a brass lamp here if I polished pieces long enough!

Variations on this beautiful seated noble couple are very popular here  in Indonesia, as are the puppets behind them.

Loads of masks

Unknown objects!

Fabulous stringed instruments

There were a couple of these grotesque carvings from Kalimantan.

More puppets

Still more puppets!

The very thing for brother Tony's dental surgery!

These were my four top objects of desire - sadly either a bit big to bring home or a little over budget for my first visit.  But I am bound to be back, once I have brushed up my rusty haggling skills!

1. Chinese garden stool with cranes

2. Jardiniere with peacock

3. Buddha (and there was a gorgeous bronze deer in the same stall)

4.Wonderful brass pot with bird design

Instead, I settled on some colourful table runners from Timor that I just love... and I will definitely be back!


  1. Holy moly! This market is precisely my kind of place, too, and I have always wanted to visit jakarta. Seriously, trolling antiques markets is my idea of a day well spent. I love your photos, and I'm so with you on those favorite items, especially that Buddha! Could you just pop back there and pick it up for me?! :D

    Thanks for stopping over at my place today, and for leaving your lovely comment. Your blog is beautiful! xo Gigi

    1. I keep thinking about that Buddha too. Now I have finally got my head around the currency, it might be time for a return trip!

  2. I just love your pics and blog. Wow, I would love to go shopping there. The table runners are very pretty...Hope you are enjoying your week.

    1. Thanks Heidi. There are a couple of other spots that sound great for handicrafts too, so I think that settles the agenda for this weekend.

  3. I love your shopping digs. Lots of treasures.....I could spend hours here. The brass pots are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wouldn't it be fun to have an empty shipping container (or even jsut a corner of one) and a big fat cheque book!

  4. Lots of choices, I am sure you have not one boring day! The table runners are beautiful.

    1. The hard part now will be deciding which to keep and which to share when I get home.



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