Sunday, 6 November 2011

Oh Coral!

With sunrise so early these mornings, I have had time to explore some different walking tracks with Bella and Onslow, instead of the usual mad rush to the off-leash park before work. Last week, we set off along Bulimba Creek. I was in search of crinums, which I thought would be in flower along the creek bank, and I wasn't disappointed, but I was also very pleasantly surprised to see all the Coral Trees growing along the creek and scattered through the adjoining bushland.

Coral Tree 

My guide to tropical plants says they like well-drained soil, but the local version certainly don't seem to mind wet feet.

1 comment:

  1. Marisa; I love your photos of the Coral tree, I have one in the garden and by now it is nearly stripped of its flowers the work of the Lorikeets. The tree is full of them, they seem to enjoy the nectar of the blooms. I also like the bark which lends itself to plant orchids or epiphytes.
    (The dogs are cute and good company)



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