Tuesday, 15 November 2011

November Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Just in time for Bloom Day!  The most nondescript hanging basket in the most untidy corner of my garage is suddenly an explosion of red and pink: my epiphyllum is in flower.

For more Garden Blogger's Bloom Day posts, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

The oncidium orchid flowers known as 'Dancing Ladies' are another welcome addition to the garden at this time of year, so much so that I decided to treat myself to a new garden bench so that I could both enjoy them and keep them safe from playful pups. Other treats in the garden this month are the always interesting bromeliads, and a daily-changing colour combination courtesy of the daylilies in the front garden.

Oncidium orchid

The diversity of bromeliad flowers never ceases to amaze me. This is a Neoregelia.

This stunning bromeliad is a Guzmania

A Bilbergia bromeliad in bud.

Another bilbergia bromeliad in flower; this one is  Bilbergia 'Halleluia'

Daylily 'Cherryburst'

The cosmos, red cordylines and salvias provide the main colour theme for my front garden...

and the diverse colours of the daylilies add that touch of serendipity.

Cosmos in bud

Daylily 'Mildred Mitchell'


  1. Oh my ... the epiphyllum is a stunner! The cosmos are too too cute! All your blooms are gorgeous, how wonderful your garden is looking.
    Happy GBBD :)

  2. That cactus flower's colour is amazing...I see many of the lovely plants that are in my post today of a friend's tropical garden. Beautiful pics.

    Tassels and Twigs

  3. Fun to visit your garden for the first time. I love the daylily 'Cherryburst'--very striking. Happy GBBD.

  4. What a beautiful bloom! It is amazing! What a wonderful idea to put a bench where you can best enjoy your blooms. Halleluia is also very interesting. The cosmos and cordylines make a wonderful combination!

  5. You have a fabulous range of blooms in your garden right now, Marisa. I loved the Cordyline, Salvia and Cosmos combo. That's something I will have to try. Your Epi is just so beautiful and 'Isis Unveiled' is gorgeous. My favourite thing though was that patch of Dancing Ladies. I've wanted that plant for ages now but never see it up here in the nurseries anymore. There are definite trends when it comes to nursery plant stock.

  6. Wow! What a gorgeous bllom you have there! I like your epiphyllum!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. I've never head of the epiphyllum or bromeliad before as I sadly don't know much about tropical flowers, but they are STUNNING! The orchid is so beautiful too. Enjoy your new garden bench!

  8. Sorry I have been so slow acknowledging all your comments. The epiphyllum was lovely--quite distinct red and hot pink bands of colour. It's a shame the flower only lasts for a day or two. I have been really pleased with the cosmos though they need a good haircut at the moment. I have also bought some seeds for white cosmos that I hope to plant in the next few days. It will be fun seeing how they change the colour scheme.
    Sorry I can't help you out with the Dancing ladies Bernie. I gave away two earlier in the season. Maybe an orchid show or an old house would be your best bet. I'm being very nice to my brother in the hope of getting one of the more pinky red toned ones!



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