Thursday, 3 November 2011

The birds and the bees

The rampant growth in the garden has brought a whole host of interesting critters to visit.

Crested pigeon on her nest
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I'm sure the spider is thinking about it, but I suspect this honey bee is a bit too big to take on. (Daylily  'Passion for Life')

This smaller native bee wasn't so lucky (Daylily 'Fetish')

I don't know what this beetle-y bug is, but his body looks way too big for his shell.

This little ant seemed to be on solo sentry duty on my cordyline for a couple of days, but finally had some company today. 

On the Cosmos, and looking like he had just been placed there.

Getting a better grip on the back of the petal.

I'm not normally an admirer of flies, but this one on a bromeliad was such a beautiful metallic blue.

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