Monday, 21 November 2011

Heavenly crinums

My childhood vision of heaven was of rolling green fields and streams. Looking back now, the only thing I would add to complete the picture is a fringing of crinums in bloom to the banks of those celestial streams. The tranquil scenes below were taken near Dorrigo in northern New South Wales.

Closer to home, the crinum have been flowering along the edges of Bulimba Creek, and I have varied my usual dog-walking route to take in the scene.

They are also featuring in public plantings, like this one in front of St Stephen's chapel in the City and throughout Southbank Parklands. They are incredibly versatile and hardy, not only thriving alongside streams and in swampland--hence the popular name of Swamp Lily--but also along the seashore.

My wonderful friend Jo took this photo of a crinum with deep pink buds when we were living in Tonga. There is also a very lovely Queen Emma crinum that I haven't spotted locally that seems to have the same lovely pink or burgundy tone reflected in the foliage. 

At Fafa Island in Tonga with golden leaves

A row of crinums in one of the beautiful beach-side cemeteries in Tonga--a very tranquil final resting place.

Vale Johnny Joe, died 6 November 2011, aged 30.


  1. Such a beautiful place with lovely Crinum!
    Hope your friend's soul rest in peace!

  2. These gorgeous photos make me want to jump on a plane.
    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Blessings and light to you.

  3. Thank you for your sympathy. I had already started compiling the photos for this post, and somehow it seemed to suit the occasion. There is nothing like the beauty of nature to lift one's spirits or soothe away the sadness.



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