Thursday, 1 December 2011


Summer has officially arrived and all the vibrant summer colours are in evidence throughout the garden. I have seven frangipani altogether. The two in the front garden and two on the driveway plus a refugee from the driveway (now potted) are all Plumeria obtusa. They have an intense fragrance and essentially white flowers. They are also called Evergreen Frangipani, but, since Frangipani Rust has really taken hold here over the last 5 years or so, mine have suffered such severe leaf drop by the end of summer that they are deciduous for all intents and purposes.

This is the 'officially' deciduous Plumeria rubra that I have in my back garden. This particular variety was sold as 'Tricolour'.

Most people I know name the orange and peach-toned frangipanis as their favorites, but I prefer white or a clear pink: to me they look cooler on the really hot days. I do have a pink one that I saved from somewhere, but I don't think it has flowered since I struck the cutting. Now I'm impatient for it to bloom, because I saw one recently that I loved, and I'm hoping mine is a similar shade. This is the one I spotted.

Underneath the 'Tricolour' frangipani, my costus or spiral ginger are also in flower, although my beautiful variegated costus is struggling at the moment - it seems to be in the middle of the main racing track for Bella and Onslow. Not even wooden stakes have provided enough protection, so a move might be on the cards (while there is still enough left to move!).

Spiral ginger
A week or so ago I posted a photo of one of the beautiful poinciana trees that are flowering all over Brisbane at the moment. Here are a few more that caught my eye.

Meanwhile, back at home, I had a friendly Kookaburra observing my photographic endeavours.

Finally, I don't think I could talk about tropical colour without including bougainvilleas. My own is a young Baby Boug - not quite photoworthy at present.

This was near my friend Jo's on the Sunshine Coast.

I spotted this colourburst out on a drive to where Miss Bella has been staying, but that is a story for another day.

She's coming home tomorrow.

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