Sunday, 18 December 2011

Minnippi morning

Pretty much every morning, I pack the dogs into the car for a short (2 km) drive to Minnippi Parklands. Most weekdays, they have a run around in the leash-free area, but when we have a little more time on our hands, it is nice to take a stroll to the lake and enjoy the bird life. This morning, being a Sunday, was one of those days, and the weather was just perfect, being a little cooler and with light cloud cover.

On the left bank of Bulimba Creek, closest to the water are the crinums, which have finished flowering, and behind them, elephants ears Colocasia.

There was lots of amazing bird life, but having the leads of the two lunging dogs around my wrist was not conducive to taking in-focus photos. (In fact, gentle reader, there were moments when I feared I would be dragged headlong into the water by two dogs in pursuit of duck dinners.)

This crow was about the only bird not daunted by my companions.  Still, the walk served its desired purpose. I felt quite invigorated, and, by the time we got home, the beasties were dog tired, and I got to read the Sunday papers in peace!


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