Monday, 19 December 2011

My first waterlily

Have you noticed that I am obsessed by water features, out of all proportion to the simple one in my front garden? Typically, although I didn't get a great deal done in the garden over the weekend, I did manage to add this beauty to the garden, Nymphaea helvola, a miniature waterlily.  

Here is the previous inhabitant, a Louisiana iris, which flowered beautifully in early Spring, but since then its leaves have yellowed.  I think it needs a good feed, but I don't think that would be so good for the little white cloud fish that live in there. So, I have decided to rest the iris out in the real world for a while and return it before next Spring. Hopefully, once divided and potted into a smaller pot, it will happily cohabit and physically fit in with the waterlily.

Or else I could get another pot to turn into a water feature and have both - I rather fancy the thought of having proper goldfish.

or I could go even bigger, with lots more fish!!!

But I don't really have to think about it till Spring. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my new addition, and I'm sure the fish will be happy to have the shade and coverage of the lily pads to keep them safe from kingfishers.


  1. Love the new waterlily. It's fantastic. I'll be waiting until next Spring now to see what you decide to do ... my money is on a water feature and a new fish pond.

  2. Really awesome! Yours look so good! I really have brown thumb with aquatic plants...sigh...

  3. I miss my water lillies (the koi ate them), so it is lovely to see yours. I really enjoy seeing your climate and what grows well for you. It seems more humid and water-rich (like south Florida) than I think of Australia as possessing--but of course Australia is a big place!

  4. Your water lily is beautiful. And I love the iris! There is just something mesmerizing about water features.

  5. It is amazing how much pleasure I get from such a tiny 'pond'. I'm sure my neighbours think I'm mad when I stand gazing into it looking for the fish. It's quite therapeutic, but the surface is above their eye level, so they probably think I am looking at a very low or dead plant.



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