Friday, 2 December 2011


Today was the day to pick up Miss B from her country holiday. The household has been restored once more to its usual human/canine balance.

As fate would have it, the trip virtually passes the front door of Meads' daylily gardens so what could I do but drop in for a quick peak at what was in flower today. Here are a few that caught my eye - and I will confess up front that I have very rarely managed 'just a look' at Meads'. Today I bought one for me and one as a Christmas present. I wonder if you will agree with my choices!

'Spacecoast Better Late' (I don't think this one was for sale) - a little rain damaged , but what a stunner!

'Colin Campbell' (gold) and 'Cranberry Angel'

'Eternal Warrior'

'Lavender Romance' (double)

'Premier Surprise'

'Jeannie's Little Girl' (miniature)

'Our Lovely Liz' (miniature)
I lingered over 'Premier Surprise' and 'Jeannie's Little Girl" on my quest last week for a new purple, and, although I ultimately settled on 'Russian Ragtime', these two were still just as tempting. Today I blew the budget and bought 'Colin Campbell' for myself and 'Eternal Warrior', which is a slightly deeper colour in reality than my photo would suggest, as a Christmas present for my brother. I bought one with tiny buds. Hopefully it will be in bloom just in time for Christmas Day. I think he'll like it.


  1. 'Premier Surprise' is just lovely, but I do so love 'Eternal Warrior'. The colour of that one is gorgeous. It would have been hard for me to chose amongst the beauties in these photos.

  2. It's always hard to choose (and hard to stop at one!) I think I am officially a day lily addict. Maybe I need to find an alternate route to dog obedience classes on Saturdays. It's too hard to resist when I have to drive past the day lily nursery.

  3. I've just discovered your blog (through Bernie's). Great to know another Brisbanite. My husband has to drive along Learoyd Rd to get to work. May have to go for a look at Meads.

  4. Nice to hear from you too, Ros. Hope you do get along to Meads. Doublecheck their open hours if you are thinking of it, because I am not sure they are open everyday. They have Louisiana Iris and hippeastrums early in the season too, but I love the way the daylilies keep on flowering and the variety is just amazing.



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