Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bromeliads in Tony's garden

It looks like it will take several posts to show just some of Tony and Leanne's garden. Here I have focussed on bromeliads, because I have brought pups from many of these to incorporate into my own garden.

The brom below is quite large and very prickly. It was one of the first additions to my 'loot and pillage' pile, because I like how the outside of the leaves colours rather than the more usual inner part.  I have already planted my pup in the back garden under a redneck palm.

Here are two that I already have in my collection.

This sunlover has coloured up to a beautiful pinky bronze in my garden. I love it here with Erigeron daisy.

Alcantarea imperialis rubra

I love the yellow and maroon flowers on the brom below. Tony divided it up while I was there. I have planted my pup into a pot to show off the cascading flowers, and he was going to establish another in a tree for the same reason.

Here are some of the other brom plantings showing how some have been established in the tree branches, frequently in combination with orchids or Spanish moss and other tillandsias:

The diversity of bromeliad flowers never ceases to amaze me.

More from Tony's garden next post!

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  1. Wow - this is the type of garden that I only get to see when I go to a botanical garden. It must be amazing to have that in his own garden.



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