Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

On the 15th of each month, Carol at May Dreams Gardens provides the chance for garden bloggers around the world to share what is happening in their gardens via Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

My summer garden here in Brisbane is full of colour and life and has benefited enormously from recent rain after our driest November on record.

Blue-banded bees are frequent visitors to the pentas and salvias.

I finally found an obliging Blue Cycad Butterfly to open his wings and strike a pose for me.

Red is predominant among the blooms, not really surprising since it is my favourite colour, and the poinciana is at its peak.

The Costus or Spiral Ginger is in flower.

The variegated alstomeria is just starting to bloom. I would love a bunch of these to decorate my Christmas table.

Some of later daylilies making their first appearance for the season have been in deeper tones.

This is 'Frank Teele'

'Double Cranberry Ruffles'

and 'Wedding Band' has been flowering continuously.

I have a couple of new additions to my daylily collection as I have decided to extend the border of them in the front to all of the u-shaped garden. The two I chose were:

'Colin Campbell'

and 'Russian Ragtime'

Another new addition to the garden was the result of a bromeliad swap with my mosaic mentor Sandy. She had this one growing along her front fence and gave me a couple of pups. I think this is so gorgeous and Christmasy. With its berry-shaped flowers it could be a tropical stand-in for holly berries.

Elsewhere in the garden, the dry weather in November has made an impact. My cosmos have pretty much been and gone, though I am hopeful they have self seeded. I have cut back the salvias, but there's new foliage on the cordyline.

Cordyline 'Kiwi'

There are still spot flowers but also seed heads forming on the Eremophila polyclada.

But for others, like the leopard lily and the spider lily, the spot flowers are a portent of the big display still to come.

Most wonderful of all are those flowers that combine exquisite beauty with a heavenly scent, like the gardenias and the frangipani.

Gardenia 'Professor Pucci'

My frangipani,  Plumeria rubra 'Tricolour'

and finally, a solitary flower on the evergreen frangipani at twilight. The end of another satisfying day in the garden and my post for this December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Plumeria obtusa

Very best wishes for the festive season and for more Garden Blogger's Bloom Day posts, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. I like your flowers, but I like the insects on the pictures even more!

  2. Your Gardenia and Plumeria are simply divine and I love the shot of the Blue Cycad Butterfly!!
    Happy GBBD :)

  3. Love the color on 'Russian Ragtime'!

  4. Beautiful Bloom Day post. Bee photo amazing, and I have that same spider lily! I enjoyed my virtual visit to your garden--happy GBBD!

  5. That's a beautiful collection of flowers you have there. Oh my! You have a Hawaiian Ti 'Kiwi'. I used to have one and lost it to a freeze. I've never found one since. It was one of my favorite all time plants. Take care of it. Thanks for stopping by today. :-)
    Happy GBBD!
    David/ :-) Houston, Texas

  6. Wowie kazowie! what spectacular blooms! My parents used to live in Beachmere, near Caboolture south of you I guess. My poor mother just wanted an English (or, ahem, Scottish) garden and worked hard at that - but I see you have fully embraced the tropics! Expats in California used Toyon berries as our holly substitute, why Hollywood is so called - covered in toyon. This year, not many berries though. Odd weather. Somehow the gardenia has a quiet magic to it, the moist softness of its texture, that is unnacountably appealing - but the showy blooms have a huge fireworks kind of magic that we in the Mediterranean zones can only sigh for! Much as we appreciate our own zone's beauty, it's fun to enjoy others through this great meme! Happy gardening, and thanks for visiting our blog!

  7. Thanks all for visiting. Sorry I have been remiss with my response. I blame pre-Christmas craziness... too much in the back of my mind to do any single thing properly. Thanks for comments on the insect photos. I find them really interesting although often challenging with uncooperative 'models'. Country Mouse, your parents were very close by. I am continually torn between different styles of garden. Trying for real cold climate plants here generally leads to heartache, but it's interesting to see how far you can push your luck, and as you said the meme is a great chance to enjoy other gardens.



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