Thursday, 23 February 2012

A stroll through Paddo

Paddington or 'Paddo', as it is affectionately known, is one of Brisbane's oldest suburbs. Most of the houses are traditional 'Queenslanders'. The most important feature of this style is a deep veranda, which may or may not be screened. In addition, they are frequently built on stumps off the ground to allow air to circulate underneath, important in our sub-tropical climate. This also enables houses to be built on very steep hillside streets found in many Brisbane suburbs like Paddington.

The main shopping street is Latrobe Terrace, where many of the original homes have been converted into trendy boutiques, restaurants and gift shops. It's a fun place to spend an afternoon, and I took advantage, after a recent lunch time appointment in the neighbourhood, to wander along the top end of Latrobe Terrace.

'Thousand Island Dressing' great for light fittings and costume jewellery.

Looking down Latrobe Terrace

I gave the credit card a bit of a work out here at 'Mood'. (lovely white Crepe myrtle on the right)

There are also some great ideas for the garden to be gleaned from the beautiful shops and houses along the way.

Here's a pretty combination of a tiny grevillea and flapjack plant Kalanchoe luciae

Pots of jade plant Crassula ovata at the entrance

The white flowers to the left of this beautiful home's garden are Cats' Whiskers Orthosiphon stamineus. They are a great landscaping plant for the subtropics with similar growth to salvias, and, like salvias, they are great for attracting bees to the garden. 

Love this water feature with cockatoos.

A pretty entry to one of the renovated workers's cottages.

Fabulous mosaic lounge complete with rug.

Detail from the 'rug'.

Verandas - screened for privacy...

or open to watch the passing parade.

Love the cool colour combination of Plumbago auriculata and it looks like snail creeper Vigna caracalla 


  1. Marisa, I love the tour! GREAT PHOTOS! Such a lovely place makes me what to visit!

    1. Would love to see you here, Lucy. I can guarantee the services of a very enthusiastic local guide!

  2. Very nice place! I only know about the bear toy! hahahha...



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