Saturday, 4 February 2012


Aren't these orchids absolutely sublime?

Do you remember the orchids I saw on my visit to my brother's at Christmas? Well, I was very keen on acquiring a lovely, maroon Oncidium like his since my yellow 'Dancing Ladies' are such a joy, but I realised that it could take a very long time (and lots of pathetic hinting) before one was likely to come my way via division of his plant.  

To my amazement, I saw not only the maroon Oncidium but also a patterned pink variety, and the most luscious, decadent, chocolately purple Zygopetalum, all at Big W, a very reasonably price variety store. I didn't stand a chance. Even though there were other beauties there, once I had gathered these 3 in my arms, I made a dash for the checkout to resist further temptation, and have been swooning in the presence of their beauty ever since.

Here they are together. Despite appearances, the Zygopetalum is the largest flower and has a lovely perfume, and the maroon Oncidium is delicately scented.  I think that if gardening magazines had centrefolds, these would have to be contenders.  Here are a few more images to drool over.


  1. I love the orchid flowers. SO BEAUTIFUL! I can see why you desire these lovelies for your own garden

    1. They are certainly beautiful. I just hope I can work out exactly how to keep them happy. No problems with those I have, so hopefully these are prima donnas in looks only.

      Titania - I got your comment via email notification - not too sure why it hasn't appeared. This is my first time with Zygopetalums, so fingers crossed.



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