Monday, 6 February 2012

Appointment at Flat Rock

Day 2 of my visit to Ballina in northern New South Wales and about two hours drive from Brisbane, and I felt I really owed Bella and Onslow a visit to the beach. It had been so wet over Christmas that I hadn't been able to include it. On Sunday the weather did us proud, and we caught up with our long-overdue appointment at Flat Rock.

I had a paddle with Miss B and the Big O

Tony brought his dog, Goody.

Norfolk Island pines behind the banksias.

Coastal Banksia

Surf photographers

Back at Tony's, a last sit in a favourite spot.

A last look back at the sea from his veranda.

Then it was time to pack up the car with pups and plants and head homeward. At least I had the consolation of the beautiful countryside on the way back to Brisbane.

Mandevilla 'White Fantasy' on one of his neighbours' fences.

Finally, home again and what do I have to show for my weekend away - that mellow feeling, some sunburn, great memories, photos, and the Aphelandra cuttings!

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