Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Helga's Folly

Nestled like a pearl in Sri Lanka's lush green interior, the ancient city of Kandy completely captivated me on my first visit in 2004 - the year much of Sri Lanka's coastline was devastated by the terrible Boxing Day tsunami.

Since then I have dreamed of going back, but it was only in March that the opportunity to meet up with very dear friends from England finally stirred me into action.

Among the highlights - visiting the Bawa brothers' sensational gardens outside Bentota, which I will share with you another time - and a return visit to the truly unique Helga's Folly.

A veritable explosion of colour and creativity, Helga's Folly is a million miles away from the package holiday highrise and the oh-so-tastefully-neutral international resort style found in tropical locations around the world.  If you are bohemian at heart, I think you will love Helga's as much as I do.

Rather lewd monkeys adorn the balcony.

Not even the fairy at the bottom of Helga's garden is your regular 'garden' variety fairy!


  1. Since my middle name is Helga, I wonder about the owner :)
    Very interesting interior.
    - Cheers from Canada,
    Gisela Helga...

    1. Hi Gisela, the incredibly gracious and elegant owner Helga De Silva is from a very distinguished Sri Lankan family with Sri Lankan, Portuguese and Anglo-Scottish ancestry. Her son, Detmar Blow was married to fashion icon Isabella Blow, and her brother Sir Desmond de Silva is a prominent British lawyer, and former United Nations Chief War Crimes Prosecutor. There is a wonderful interview with her at http://iam.lk/helgas-folly/



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