Sunday, 12 June 2011

Green and Gold

Green and gold are Australia's national colours. It's a combination that doesn't always make for the most chic of national costumes. But, on a week when we experienced our coldest Brisbane day in 10 years, and have had grey skies and rain added into the equation for the Queens Birthday long weekend, the splashes of gold in the neighbouring bushland are a welcome break from bleak!

I have no idea what this plant is - some kind of daisy and probably a dreadful weed. It grows wild along the edges of the bushland and the creek. Some of the plants would reach 6-8 feet.

Roadside wattle

and just to make sure we get a double-dipping in gold, the wattle is out at the same time.

Meanwhile, back at Casa Bella, the Mexican Tarragon is repeating the theme; we are very patriotic!

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  1. I feel like I just took a nice hike through your neck of the woods...thank you very much. I have the yellow daisy like flowers in my very small garden. It was in my 'going native' days that I planted just one plant, and now they have seeded themselves everywhere. They ARE weeds, and I dislike them in my garden. The flower is pretty but look out for the seed heads. I started cutting the entire plant in half before flowering to keep the plant from becoming too invasive...this helped quite a bit. Mexican tarragon...doesn't it have a delight fragrance...kind of like a liquorice smell?
    Have a wonderful Sunday.



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