Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday's market day

We city workers are lucky enough to have a fabulous Farmers Market right in the heart of the Brisbane every Wednesday. There are thirty or forty stalls selling the best local produce including fruit, vegetables, potted herbs, flowers, bread, cakes, cheeses, pasta, and seafood.

I bought the bunch of waratahs that I featured in a recent post here a couple of weeks ago. Today I came home with a lovely piece of hot-smoked salmon and a punnet of strawberries, and treated myself to a delicious Thai pumpkin pie and Portuguese custard tart for lunch. I'm already kicking myself I didn't get the potted savory or dill. Still, there's always next week!

Waratahs top centre (just)!

The nut ladies

Who could resist?

The sign says it all!

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