Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hibiscus and a handsome stranger

Brisbane's City Botanic Gardens are only 4 or 5 blocks from my office in the City, so I am ashamed I don't wander down more frequently in my lunch hour. The five minute stroll is amply rewarded by the beautiful gardens and river views. On a recent visit, the hibiscus were simply stunning, and this was followed by one of those chance meetings...

Isn't he gorgeous? I came upon this handsome feller alongside one of the garden's ponds, just as I was heading back to work. He is an Eastern Water Dragon, nearly a metre long. I thought he might be a bit shy, but when I started snapping a few photos, he came even closer and posed beautifully for me.  You can see the red chest in the photo below, which identifies him as a male (that, and the adoring females in his harem just out of sight). 



  1. What a beautiful place! So lucky you got to see the water dragon! The color of those hibiscus are dreamy. Great shots!



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