Sunday, 9 October 2011

In my poinciana tree

My own garden hasn't featured so much in my last few posts. It's not that nothing is happening; there have been ongoing flowers from my rondeletia, hippeastrums, flowering lignum, and salvias. But my overwhelming impression is that the garden is poised like an athlete on the starting blocks, just about to explode into a riot of colour, once the first of the day lilies are out.

In the meantime, far above it all, are these two elegant beauties.

Dendrobium speciosum
Not such a great photo, but my brother climbed quite high into the canopy of the poinciana to attach this orchid for me, and I am not quite so nimble. The lovely creamy lemon spray is about two foot long. In previous years I have had several sprays, but this year only one because of damage from dendrobium beetles last season (you can see the 'chew' marks on some of the leaves to the left, and the new shoots were seriously damaged).

Further down the tree, on the main trunk and on a completely different scale, is this delicate tick orchid.

Dockrillia linguiformis


  1. Gorgeous, native orchids. I like the idea of growing them on the trunk. Mine grows in the fork on Erithrina crista galli with many other tree dwellers. Like your blog;♥T.

  2. Thanks Titania. Today was my first visit to yours and I just loved your garden and your salvias, especially S. guarantica and S. madrensis. I'll have to keep any eye out for them.



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