Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Sunday Driving

Just a brief post today as the Easter break draws rapidly to a close here in Brisbane, and it's back to work for the salary slaves tomorrow. It has been a nice quiet Easter at home this year. The roads tend to be too crazy to head further afield, and it seems to me that, sadly for all the enthusiastic Easter campers, Easter is invariably wet.

Yesterday for change of scenery I headed out with a friend on a country drive to see some of the pretty towns in the Scenic Rim region to the south-west of Brisbane.

We called in at some of my favourite spots, the Art and Soul gallery at Boonah, which I have posted about previously - you can visit if you click here - the Kooroomba Winery and lavender farm at Mount Alford for morning tea, back to Boonah for lunch, followed by a drive though the mountains at Cunninghams Gap with a short stop at pretty Aratula on the way home.

Cattle at Mount Alford

This guy didn't seem to know what to make of me.

Kooroomba Winery and lavender Farm

Kangaroo on the move at the edge of the lavender.

This pristine farm house was part of a nearby winery.

Country church on the road from Mount Alford back to Boonah with flowering Cape Chestnut on the left.

Cape Chestnut

A great find this visit was Suzy Buhle's gorgeous gallery at Aratula.

Suzy with a work in progress

Loved these rustic birdhouses at the local antique store.

Finally,  a couple of the little churches in Aratula with their mountain backdrop

It seems an appropriate way to round up our Easter Sunday drive.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I loved your tour today. Cows are a favorite of mine and these are nice photos. I don't see kangaroos everyday either. I love the little churches. They look so peaceful in the landscape. Oh, BTW, can you make sure you have a working link to your blog. It took me a bit to get here from what you left in the comments, and I am sure no one else that might click it will get here.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Donna. I presume you mean the link within in the blog to my earlier post, which I indicated using 'here'. I will change that habit. I think it used to come up in a contrasting colour, but now seems to get lost in the text.

  2. That last cow looks like she's saying: You talkin' to me? Lovely photographs.

    1. Great minds think alike! I thought about calling it that at first, but then forgot.

  3. I enjoyed this Easter Sunday drive with you.
    Loved the lavender farms and the flowers on the cape chestnut.
    The cows and the quaint country churches were also lovely.
    What a lovely day!

    1. It's a very pretty drive and a less than 3 hour round trip. I often go in winter, so it was nice to see the countryside greener than it is at that time of year, Virginia.

  4. I love that last cattle photo, and I like that church. It could easily pass for any one of thousands of rural churches in my part of the world.

    1. I love getting out into the country and visiting some of these small towns, especially now the weather is getting a little cooler. I guess the simple wooden churches would be at home in many landscapes.



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