Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Vertical gardens at Serpong

Just a short post today, after my recent blockbusters. After I returned from my wonderful weekend in the Gili Islands, I spent two days at a workshop in Serpong, about an hour's drive from Jakarta. It was an eye opener. The extent of development going on in the area is amazing. As we drove to our venue, I noticed the lovely gardens surrounding the huge shopping mall, so I ducked out in my lunch break to have a closer look. One feature I particularly loved was the use of vertical gardens on several of the buildings.

I would have loved to have the time to have a closer look to break down the plant selection a little. The strappy-leafed plant to the left of the doorway looks a little like a type of Walking Iris Neomarica.

How I would love to see these lush walls around my local shopping mall back home in Brisbane. I previously posted about the vertical garden feature in Brisbane's King George Square here,  but that is the only one I know of in my neck of the woods.

Finally, tropical lime and orange zing, courtesy of the cannas and, once again, the gurkana jasmine.


  1. Loved these vertical gardens....really beautiful.



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