Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My blue heaven

It's difficult not to believe you are in heaven when you first wade ashore on Gili Trawangan, one of the three exquisite Gili islands, just off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia.

Our brief boat trip had begun in the small port of Bangsal. I had read a few warnings about running the gauntlet of relentless touts, but we had a great cab driver who drove us directly to the ticket office, rather than the more usual terminal about a kilometre away. It was simply a matter of sitting and waiting until there enough passengers to fill up a boat, and we were off.

Bangsal harbour looking towards the closest of the Gilis, Gili Air

The little pony drawn carts in Bangsal harbour called cidomo were a foretaste of those on the island. Because motorised vehicles are banned on the Gilis, the cidomos, together with pushbikes, are the most popular means of transport.

Looking back at Lombok from the boat

My suitcase amidst the produce

Approaching the harbour at Gili Trawangan. Can you believe the colours of the water?
'Fifty Shades of Grey' be darned. Give me fifty shades of blue any day!

Once I had secured a room at Dream Village, which had been recommended by a friend in Jakarta, I decided to head off to see the sights, and what better way to start than to circumnavigate the island by cidomo.

Entry to my hotel, the Dream Village

Apologies in advance for a very poor photo editing on my part. Every scene was so beautiful, it was hard to cut any!

Traffic Trawangan-style!

These simple coral wind chimes are another idea I will take home with me.

Not such a pretty snap, but it gives idea of the dryness (in the height of the dry season).

Loved this driftwood horse with his necklace of coral

Even without that blue, there was so much beauty. For starters, the bougainvilleas.

Palm inflorescence

After two wonderful days, I very reluctantly dragged myself back to the little harbour we had arrived at. I briefly watched the locals at work, then, all too soon, it was time to leave Gili Trawangan. I hope I'll be back.

Exquisitely coloured sarongs like those I saw in Lombok


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos Marisa. I've enjoyed both of your recent blogs and must get myself some red and some white bougainvellia. At the caravan park I stayed recently with my sisters some permanent on-site caravans had shell wind chimes hanging up.

    1. I brought some back from Bali in June, and I am hoping to get some more if I stop over there again on my way home next month. Actually, I'd love a dozen for across the front of the house, but they are fragile things to carry.

  2. What a place. No cars. White sand. Blue ocean. I'm glad you didn't leave out any photos - they're all wonderful.

    1. Such a beautiful subject makes it easier!

  3. Beautiful photos - all of them :) that sounds like a magical place to visit - the little boat ride, then the donkey cart. wow! I have tried to make wind chimes from coral and shells and they always look a mess.

    1. My wind chime efforts probably will too, but they look so simple and beautiful, it's got to be worth a try.

  4. Marisa, what a lovely post, and gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place....makes me want to pack my bags and plan a visit of my own....a blue heaven indeed.
    I think I will make a driftwood horse (or maybe another animal)for my garden.

    1. Good luck with your driftwood project. You know you will have to share via your blog when it's finished!

  5. Replies
    1. Absolutely. I am so glad I was able to visit.



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