Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Jakarta garden

I'm feeling very mellow at the moment. I left work early today, because the rumbling thunder in the distance seemed to be getting closer. I didn't want to be caught out as I nearly was on Friday: told that because of the afternoon storm there would be no taxis till 7.30. I was lucky and managed to walk home between downpours, while tonight there are still rumblings and flashes of lightening but no rain as yet. It is typically tropical weather here in Jakarta with an afternoon or evening storm threatening several nights each week.

With a little extra time on my hands, I have been able to catch up with lots of my favourite blogs. As always, I feel inspired but also a little nostalgic. I know how lucky I am to have the chance to explore this great city and country, but I do miss the dogs and can't help but wonder how my garden is faring back in Brisbane. How are the seeds I planted in early autumn going?  Quite a few seemed very slow to germinate but may have been washed out by the heavy rain we had before Easter. Others had emerged, but I don't know if they have had enough regular rain or watering to support their growth. The weeds I'm sure are thriving.

Fortunately, Jakarta is a generous host, and, for now, its streets and suburbs are my surrogate garden.


Masses of crows nests and elkhorns established in this impressive specimen tree, with a bed of Spathyphyllum in the foreground.

More from the front of the same home, in a street full of mansions and embassies running between the antique market and Plaza Indonesia.

Love these little palms.

One of many impressive statues throughout the city.

This gracious colonial mansion had been converted to a  museum.

Not sure if this is a cycad or a palm; I love its spiky fronds. They were planted in groups of five along the traffic island.

Heliconia in bloom in the office grounds.


  1. I love the hibiscus! The flower is lovely shades of coral and looks impressively large.

    1. That hibiscus was beautiful. It reminded me of an exotic bird swooping down.

  2. Hi Marisa, How are you going, missing Brissy a little? the tropical climate in J. does let you enjoy the tropical plants which you love in your Brisbane garden. I am sure it is a fantastic experience, so different from just a holiday! Love the photos of this tropical city plantings. Hope all goes well for you. Have a look at your other post; stickybeak me. T♥

    1. Lovely to hear from you as always, Titania. I am missing Brissy, especially the garden and the dogs, but I am very lucky to be here in the first place, and also that my little adventure is in two instalments. I will be home for a bit in a month, and then back again later in the year. I think that's easier than one longer stretch.

  3. The true tropics, great to get a look at that climate, thanks. That specimen tree and the colonial mansion, really beautiful.

    1. It's amazing how a branch can support a garden of its own. Have taken some more photos of great 'plants on plants' in the last few days.



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