Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Coconut ice

Among the early harbingers of Spring in cooler climates that I really miss here in Brisbane are the blossoms. Where I spent my very early years, in Queenscliff, south of Melbourne, we had a backyard full of fruit trees that were a vision to behold in early Spring. Mum always had vases of flowering peach or japonica in the house.

But, it isn't as if we miss out on those beautiful pastel shades here when we have Spring-flowering trees like Bauhinias. Most of the trees around my neighbourhood are either pale pink or white, but there is also a lovely deep pink form.

One of its common names is the orchid tree, but the flower reminds me more of an azalea.

This white bauhinia was on campus at Queensland University.

Another visitor to campus was this handsome currawong in the still-bare branches of a frangipani. I think this would make a great subject for a lino-print.

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