Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pretty in pink

There is a real pink theme happening in the garden today, courtesy of a couple of new additions and some old favourites.
This is the first of the newbies, Salvia microphylla 'Heatwave Sizzle'. It's similar to my two-toned 'Hot Lips'. I haven't had any luck yet tracking down other two-toned colour combinations I wrote about a few months back, but this is a gorgeous shade of pink.
Ixora 'Pink Malay' - I have planted a row of these along my fenceline. They are just brilliant and flower virtually 12 months of the year.
A lilac pink Pentas lanceolata which I love because it attracts butterflies. 
Last year I had double purple Calibrachoa, but this year I couldn't go past this beautiful cherry rose.

Finally, my other new addition, Rondeletia splendens. I had never seen one of these until a couple of weeks ago when I snapped this up at the nursery. Its taller relation Rondeletia amoena is popular in older Queensland gardens, but can be hard to get nowdays, although I managed to pick up one last year that is now in bud. The amoena can grow quite tall, whereas this seems to be a lower (1.5m) spreading shrub.


  1. Just beautiful flowers! You have a wonderful variety out there. Mine are waning now...and fall about to make its way on the scene...about the only thing I have flowering are Sedum, and they haven't gotten their lovely pink color yet.

  2. Gorgeous flowers!
    I was going through your previous post and the 'last day of the winter' seemed so counter-intuitive to my northern hemispheric-never-been-to-southern brain. We are reeling in heat and humidity here.
    The pictures of the island are so good, they made me yearn to reach out to the southern part of my country which is rich with beaches.



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