Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bromeliads in flower this week

It seems ages since my last post. Uni has started again and it's all a bit overwhelming trying to establish a routine again to balance full-time work with study, after having a break for 6 months from Uni. I've tried to get ahead a little in the garden - Spring is not far off now - and a little rain would be very welcome. Luckily the broms just power on, regardless of the level of care!

This mantis has a good vantage point from my guzmania.

I posted a photo of this in bud a few weeks back but love the contrasting yellow flower that has now emerged.

The typically insignificant blue flowers seen on neoreglias; this one given to me by my brother is sunhardy.

Not in flower yet, but the cluster of leaves in the centre is hinting that it's close to blooming.

 I actually have two of these and it looks like they will flower at the same time. I think they are a bit special as it is unusual for a guzmania to have variegated foliage, although I have since picked up a small orange flowering one. I first saw this stunner at an open garden at Buderim. I bought a plant there and then, but the dogs destroyed it. Luckily a neighbour had what looks like the very same one, and was kind enough to share. Once it flowers, all will be revealed!

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