Saturday, 16 July 2011

New additions

I've been laid low this week with some kind of flu virus, so have accomplished little in the garden. But...on my way back from the doctor somehow I found myself pulling in to my local nursery. It was the perfect tonic!

I don't really have space in Bella and Onslow-free territory but will have a bit of a reshuffle in the 'Mexican Garden' in the front yard once I get a bit of energy back.

I think it's time to say goodbye to the Mexican Tarragon. It was a sunny patch of colour in autumn, but clashes with everything. I want to play up the blue grey tones, plus I am desperate for some pretty cut flowers, especially after looking at Belinda's exquisite creations at Wild Acre.

Here are the new additions in the back of my car:
Salvia 'Velour White'; Marguerite daisy 'Crazy Daisy'; Cineraria 'Silver Dust' and my favourite, Osteospermum 'Double Sensation'

Here's more of 'Double Sensation":


  1. Sorry to hear you're under the weather...please continue to improve quickly...sending you light and love to help you mend. xxoo
    Lovely colors. It feels good to switch up the colors for the seasons change. I prefer the usual fall colors of oranges and golds...but don't allow them in my garden in the summer. Yellow is okay....but the oranges and golds remind me of warmth and that's what needed in our cooler autumn.
    Be well my friend....

  2. Beautiful purple flowers! I don't know if I have seen them.
    Hope you are feeling well now!



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