Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cool mornings; hot colours

The mornings may be nippy here in Bris-Vegas, but you could warm your hands beside some of the sizzling colours in the garden right now.


My neighbour's Croton

Aloe 'Diana'

Hibiscus 'Snowqueen'


Like twin flames - Strelitzia "Bird of Paradise'

Orange Trumpet Vine Pyrostegia venusta


Salvia 'Wendy's Wish'

Salvia relation - Pineapple sage

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous flowers. I also love the variegation of the leaves on the Hibiscus plant. It looks amazing to see the poinsettia plant set on a photo with the blue sky. Here we only see these with snow. Greenhouse grown of course. My trumpet vine has finally reached the top of my arbor...I've been trying to get it to climb over the top of the arbor so I can see it from my kitchen window on the second story. It's the first vine that has actually gotten this far and I'm pretty excited about it. Yours are a lovely orange.



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