Monday, 23 May 2011

This week's best bloom

I inherited a variegated Hibiscus 'Snowqueen' when I have moved here just over 5 years ago, but so far I have only added two hibiscus to the garden. The first, 'Psyche', was not a great success - quickly growing too large for the small garden bed in the pool area until I removed it about 6 months ago.  I searched high and low for this beauty known as 'Wilders White'; firstly to unravel its identity and then to track down a plant. 'Wilders White' is native to Hawaii and is one of the few hibiscus with a scent. I love the purity of the white flowers with the stunning red contrasting stamen. The hibiscus beetles have been giving it a hard time, but my young shrub is still throwing beautiful blooms.

If you love hibiscus, check out the wonderful photo album at the world of hibiscus. I just loved Pink Bouquet, Ruth Woodruff, Mulberry Snow and Marjorie Brown. What's your favourite?

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