Saturday, 14 February 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day February 2015

I thought I was on track for Garden Bloggers' Day back in January, but even though I had selected my photos and written a few lines, something went amiss. So here we are, uncharacteristically early for February's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - the 15th of the month being the day garden bloggers all over the world share what is blooming in their garden, courtesy of our wonderful host, Carol, at May Dreams Garden.

I have hung onto some of those January photos, so my selection this month is a consolidation of what has been blooming in my sub-tropical Brisbane garden over January/February - the two hottest and wettest months of our year.

Plants like the Red Spiral Ginger absolutely thrive in the conditions

My 'Wilders White' hibiscus shrub is a bit ungainly after I had to remove its main trunk, when it was damaged at ground level, but it is such a prolific bloomer.

The daylilies haven't been as good as in previous years, but as the garden matures, more of it is thrown into shade, and I worry I have lost some favourites as I have moved them to follow the sun. 

These two are All American Tiger and  Mildred Mitchell - I bought the latter by mistake (instead of Ginny Mitchell) and confused it with Isis Unveiled, which is similarly coloured but not so ruffled. 

Daylily 'Mildred Mitchell'

Daylily 'All American Tiger'

Daylily 'Double Cranberry Ruffles' which varies according to mood just how 'double' it is

'Finish with  Flourish'

'Jordan Verhaert'

'Irving Schulman'

My pentas along the side fence aren't flowering as well as they should - too little light, plus some bug that attacks the buds. (I use some herbicides but worry about pesticides' effect on the good critters). This one is 'Pink Malay'.

A very showy bromeliad bloom - Bilbergia 'Hallelujah'

Visitor on one of the bromeliads

 The back garden  behind the garage is our wild zone. We had a large carpet python and a grumpy possum emerge from here recently - and yes, the possum's mood was definitely due to having his sleep disturbed by the snake.

The big lime leaves to the left belong to the Brazilian Red Cloak, which will flower in winter. There's a red foliaged cordyline, and above, my neighbour's Murraya in full bloom. On the lower right, the red blooms belong to the Firespike, Odontonemea strictum

Only small critters were visiting when I headed out this time.

This little ginger is Globba winitii 'Red Back'. I previously posted another globba, 'Golden Dragon' here, which I fear I may have lost. Because they die down over winter, they can get dug up by mistake, so I have made sure the rest of my collection are all marked with stakes.

You don't need blooms for colour, when you have crotons.

Another ginger, this is the beautiful Blue Ginger, Dichorisandra thyrsifola

I can always rely on the Leopard Lilies for interest - whether in bloom

...  or in seed

The Purple Basil never seems to stop flowering.

Here the basil has attracted the attention of the native Blue Banded Bee.

Plumeria pudica - the Hammerhead Frangipani

Salvias are another great favourite with the bees. This is 'Heatwave Sizzle'

This more recent addition is Salvia 'Sierra Coral'

Finally, more of that glorious coral from another of the bromeliads, Aechmea 'Burning Bush'


  1. It is nice to see all that summer color. That is indeed a prolific hibiscus.

    1. I love that hibiscus - simple form and colour but so effective.

  2. That's beautiful bloom! You have python in the garden? I would have run away ......hahahhaa....

    1. I think that's what the possum was doing too, Malar!

  3. Wow, that is Hibiscus is amazing. All those blooms certainly make up for its rather ungainly shape. Beautiful! Love the Day Lilies too. You have some beauties in your collection. Loved your Blue Ginger and that Purple Basil too. Lol, I had to chuckle over the possum being a little disgruntled by the carpet python lurking in the undergrowth! How annoying.

    1. I think the Blue Ginger and the Basil are my two favourite things in the garden right at the moment too, Bernie. The basil in particular is amazing I think I'll get a few of them for next summer. The bees will love me for it!

  4. Yowzer Marissa...that is one stunning white hibiscus plant...I have never EVER seen so many flowers congregated on one hibiscus....truly gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Virginia. Hope you had a lovely bloom day.

  5. Hiya Marisa, it's been a while and I'm wondering how you are doing...hope you and the bow wow crew are well.

    1. Hi Virginia, Lost access to my blog for a while as I was working overseas. Lots of adventures to report on as soon as I'm home.



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