Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kookaburra Cottages

In my previous post on the Great Ocean Road (click here to visit), I mentioned the wonderful cottages where we stayed in Apollo Bay. We had one of the front rooms looking out to a little private garden and the sea. I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves. It really is a magical place.

Our veranda

Summer might have been just round the corner, but the weather was bleak. Both Jayne and I opted for Michelin Man style gear.

Was this a sit-in protest by the local cockatoos to have the cottages renamed Cockatoo Cottages? There were certainly more cockatoos than kookaburras on our visit.

We both clambered up the hill to the first of a series of lookouts.

The cottages are home to more than 60 Shetland ponies.

The little chestnut foal was only about 5 days old and the dark one, even younger.

Cuteness overload!

Jayne purposefully striding uphill to the most impressive lookout.

Inspiration for the throne in Game of Thrones??

The babies were snoozing on our way back.

Was tickled pink to see this little guy waddling determinedly towards the fence. Earlier on the walk, I had come almost nose-to-nose with a fox - too stunned to take a photo. They are the very devil for Australian wildlife, but still so beautiful.

An echidna or spiny anteater.

The vegetable garden

Inside the reception area

The cottages are called Kookaburra Cottages and are on the Great Ocean Road on the Melbourne side of Apollo Bay (and you can like them on Facebook).


  1. What a enchanting place to stay...seems mystical and inviting.
    Loved the surrounding scenery and the rustic wooden furniture.
    I always enjoy seeing your wildlife. I adored the Shetland ponies, I'd always wanted one of those as a child.

  2. It was a delightful spot - so many recycled treasures - and the wildlife was wonderful. It is definitely a place I would like to revisit and spend more time.

  3. This place looks so cozy and animal-filled!

  4. Wow, what kind word and beautiful photos! Thanks Marisa 😊
    Would you mind if we shared a link to your blog on our facebook page?
    Ebony Kidd,
    Kookaburra Cottages

    1. Sorry for the delay getting back to you, Ebony. I would be very happy for you to share the link. Jayne and I loved Kookaburra Cottages.

  5. Thankyou! Glad you enjoyed your stay with us :) always nice to read some positive feedback!



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