Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day October 2014

It's mid-Spring in the garden here at Casa Bella. One of my daylilies has been very cooperative and had its first blooms of the season just in time for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. However, I have been very remiss with posts for Bloom Day after the garden went into a bit a bit of a decline while I had other projects demanding my attention.
We are still not back at the point we were a year or two back, but we have made some progress and although the offerings are relatively paltry for a spring garden, I am optimistic there will be much more to see by next Bloom Day.
Dockrillia linguiforme - the Tick Orchid

There were a couple of first time appearances this month at Casa Bella. I was thrilled that a crinum I have had planted for several years finally came into bud and then bloomed. It is the sole survivor of three crinums that I picked up at Bangalow markets; the others fell victim to a diabolical plague of caterpillars that apparently specialise in dispatching crinums - little monsters!

The other first for the garden was a rose.  I had spotted this beauty in Better Homes and Gardens, and while I still hope for a sub-tropical garden and hadn't planned on planting roses, I thought this might tie in with the current slightly cottage-y theme. It's called 'Eyes for You' with unusual eye markings reminiscent of oriental poppies.

My early bird daylily 'Donna Mead'

Here are a couple of wider shots of the front garden - little photos so you don't notice the weeds!

From the front veranda looking over the murraya hedge past the ponytail palm to the poinciana

The front lawn has been completely over-run by weeds and the temporary edging has almost had its day, but I have started mulching again (top left hand side).

The  right hand side of the front garden is full of virtually indestructible nut grass. That will be my next big campaign!

Thank heavens I can always rely on the salvias for a splash of colour!

Salvia 'Heatwave Sizzle'

Salvia 'Santa Barbara'

Salvia 'Ember's Wish'

Salvia 'Hot Lips'

Rondeletia splendens

Epidendrum - Crucifix Orchid

At least there were enough blooms for a tiny posy. 

And I can always rely on my bromeliads for garden colour whether their blooms or stunning foliage.


Finally, this beautifully marked Phalaenopsis orchid was an early gift for my birthday later in the week. Aren't I lucky?  Thank you, Susan!

Happy Bloom Day!  To see what is happening in other gardens around the world this Bloom Day, visit Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day host Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Beautiful blooms! I especially like the Day Lily.
    Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

    1. Thanks Lea. I've lost a couple of day lilies but have moved the rest into a tighter border round the garden. Can't wait to see the them start to flower over the next few weeks. Happy Bloom Day!

    2. I am so glad that Bloom Day gives me a chance to visit so many unusual gardens in very different climate zones. Just beautiful. Happy GBBD!

    3. It's wonderful isn't it? While we have our quiet time in the Southern hemisphere, we can enjoy the northern spring and vice versa.

  2. Oh what fun it is spring where you are the long shots and I don't see a single weed ;)

    That first little orchid is simple stunning too!!

    1. It is a lovely time of year here in Brisbane now, before it gets too hot. I love that little orchid too. It just looks like a bit of a smudge on the poinciana's trunk for most of the year - and off it goes in Spring.

  3. Oh, that rose is absolutely beautiful, I have never seen a rose with such markings before, more like a double daylily at first glance! It’s lovely to see your garden again, and as you are at the opposite season as me it’s always interesting to see what you have in flower.
    Loved your Phalaenopsis, happy birthday!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and for the birthday wishes, Helene. The rose is very different, isn't it. There is another flower out today and a second daylily already in bloom, so I am really looking forward to the next few months in the garden here.

  4. That rose is beautiful - it reminds me of a hibiscus flower in a way. Awesome phalaenopsis - and happy birthday!

    1. A few of my friends noticed the resemblance to a hibiscus. The later blooms are a little simpler, but still a very pretty bloom.

  5. Hi Marisa, I want to wish you Happy Belated Birthday greetings...I hope you had a wonderful day.
    Your garden looks just fine to me, and it was very smart of you to show only smaller photos to discreetly hide the weeds...very very smart.
    I'm happy that at least one of the crinums survived....I know how it is to "smuggle" new plant babies home after an overseas
    Loved the white tick orchid and that gorgeous rose.
    Give the bow wows a hug from me and Brownie.

    1. Thank you, Virginia. The bow wows are having a fine time tonight, barking raucous greetings to the trick or treaters! My crinum only came from just over the border, but they have the best markets down there - great plants you rarely see here in the nurseries. I must be due for another visit soon!



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