Sunday, 10 March 2013

Playing house

The wet weather we have been experiencing in Brisbane for the past few months has been almost unrelenting, and as a result, there has been minimal activity in the garden. Instead I turned my mind to consider the interior here at Casa Bella. A few big changes are afoot, and I thought you might be interested to see how some of the purchases I made while I was working in Indonesia have settled into their new home.

This is painting I picked up in Bali after a conference in June. I blogged about the gardens here

She looked right at home with the other artwork along the staircase.

One of the table runners I bought at the antique markets in Jakarta looks great on my dining table.

I love the painted wooden couple that I bought at Pasaraya in Jakarta

In front of them are these two mother-of-pearl inlaid painted bowls from  Lombok.  I so wish I had bought  more/bigger ones of these...(maybe next time!)

Detail of the painting

This handsome pair of puppets in antique batik fabrik are from an earlier trip to Bali.

I was a bit obsessed with cushions during my travels as I had already chosen a brightly striped fabric to recover my sofa. It had previously been covered with the cream and taupe buffalo check in the side table cloths.  Finding something to coordinate with it, without opting for too safe an option was going to be a challenge. I thought about using wider versions of the same Timorese weavings as the table runner.

I toyed with a few cushion covers I had bought in Hua Hin in Thailand.

But my favorite, also from Thailand, was this - one of a pair I had been given as a given as gift before I ever contemplated a pink sofa. (Note to self - must buy insert for its partner!)

It tied in with a couple of local Brisbane purchases - well, maybe not all on the sofa at the same time - but within the general vicinity.

So this is what the almost 'done' lounge room was starting to look like.

However, just like the garden, the inside of the house is in a state of perpetual change.

Of course, there are those who like to continually modify their surroundings to suit themselves.

Last week there were big changes with the arrival of the painters. As much as I enjoyed the pink wall, it was to remedy water stains from a leaking roof in last year's rainy season. It didn't work leaving the bottom half of the wall on the other side of the staircase out of the equation although that's all that was covered by insurance. 

But that was all so last year! Now I'm starting with a clean slate.

We are going for a lighter, brighter look here at Casa Bella. I'll keep you posted with developments!


  1. Oh! I was going to comment on your lovely pink staircase, and then I got to the end, and it wasn't pink anymore! I think the neutral colour will make your artwork stand out more, but that pink colour was quite a statement too. Loved the puppet couple, they look quite regal, and your dogs are just as lovely as usual :-)

  2. It was a hard decision, Helene. I loved the pink too. I know I'll miss it.

  3. I love airy and bright, it opens the place up. I know you can't wait for the new paint to dry, so that you can re-decorate your's looking good so far.
    Loved the blue and white china and the wooden couple and the puppets in their blue/white batik and the painting too...loved them all.
    I would mix both solids and patterned cushions on the pink striped chair, and you have got quite a selection to choose from. Of course two lovely dogs also feature in the decorating equation.

    1. I'm keeping an eye out of solid colour cushions and rug, Virginia. The patterned ones are generally on the white cane chairs. And those dogs - they determine my decorating scheme. I was tempted by a cream and blue fabric for the sofa, but the bright stripes don't show any dirt (and Onslow likes to dig up old favourite bones and settle on the couch with them when I'm not looking!)

  4. I love the white walls and ceiling, you have done a great job decorating your home. Lovely. Have a nice week.

    1. Thanks Karen. At least I have lasted till hump day (Wednesday). It's all downhill to the weekend from here!

  5. I was so enjoying your post until you mentioned the leak, I hope it's all under control now! Leaks are a touchy subject with me.
    I love all your beautiful artworks and furnishings.

    1. The roof repair was done last June and we have had a pretty wet summer, so it has been well tested. Hope your own problems are sorted, Mac.



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