Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekend rambling

As I reported in my last post, I headed down to visit my brother Tony and his family over the weekend. My eldest niece Bethany is just about to head back to Uni in New Zealand, and Number Two niece Eliza is starting Uni in Newcastle, so it was a good chance for a family catch-up.

Once I have caught up with all the family's news and toured the garden, it has become a bit of a ritual for Tony and me to head to the beach early on Sunday morning with the dogs, while the rest of the household  (four teenagers) sleeps in, and my sister-in-law Leanne enjoys some well deserved peace and quiet.

We generally head for Flat Rock, which I have posted previously here, but yesterday we made our way a little further north to Sharpe's Beach and walked over the headland towards Lennox Head, about 20 km south of Byron Bay. We were a bit later than usual which made for a fairly hot walk, but we were more than rewarded by the stunning views.

Looking south to our starting point, the carpark at Sharpe's Beach, Ballina

Heading north

Tony with Goody, and Miss B at our first stop under the pandanas.

Enjoying the shade

The official photographer is always lagging behind.

Skennar's Head

'Mush, Bella and Onslow!'

A pandanus's precarious grip on the cliff face

Through the banksias - lots of branches down after the recent storm

Banksia seed heads

Looking towards Lennox Head

'But Mum, only mad dogs go out in the midday sun!'

Heading back!
View of Sharpe's Beach towards Flat Rock

After our walk, it was time to head home to Brisbane, but I couldn't resist one little diversion... a pie at the Humble Pie headquarters in Billinudgel. I was a bit unadventurous, settling on a chunky beef pie and tempted by a strawberry and rhubarb cheesecake, but the new Chicken, Chilli and Mango pie is on my list for next time. Nor could I resist a quick drive-through the little town of Billinudgel and a short drive into the surrounding countryside before heading back to the highway.

Hoop pine  and grazing cattle just outside Billinudgel

Local stream

The local 'pub' - looks like a good spot for lunch

Much as I love getting home, it is always wonderful to have the chance to have a bit of wander or Sunday drive through such beautiful countryside. 


  1. Oh gosh that looks like a lovely place to walk.

    1. Yes, a pretty spot. Love those Northern NSW beaches.

  2. I love Sunday morning walks.....what gorgeous countryside photos. Some of the photos look a bit like here on my island.
    It's nice when you get to enjoy some alone time with your brother and do something that you both like. Lots of memories for you two to look back on in the future.

  3. Thanks for sharing your wander. That coastline is beautiful, so unlike mine, which is flat, like the kitchen floor.

  4. Great ocean shots, I love the ocean and dogs so I really enjoyed this post, hope you have a nice weekend.



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