Thursday, 6 December 2012

Girls' weekend

Regular visitors to Onslow and Miss B will know by now just how much I love the beach. I never really stood a chance of being indifferent after spending my childhood right alongside two of the great beach holiday spots in Australia: Queenscliff on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula, and then Kirra on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Brisbane itself has a beautiful bay, but no really great beaches (sorry Redcliffe inhabitants), but we are blessed by having the Gold Coast just an hour to the south and the Sunshine Coast just a teeny bit further to the north.

For most of the years I have lived in Brisbane, I have generally headed south to the family, firstly the Gold Coast, and now that my parents have passed on, to my brother's in Ballina. Once a year, for many years, my Melbourne cousins visited Queensland, and I would drive up to the Sunshine Coast to stay a couple of days with them at Noosa.

Years later, my trips north to Noosa still hold all the excitement of an occasional treat, and with its up-market shops and fabulous restaurants, it is the perfect spot for a girls' weekend.

Last week two of us headed there to meet up with friends already there: one just back from working in Afghanistan and the other lucky girl, who has made the Sunshine Coast her home.

View of the river from our apartment

Seagulls and crested terns

That's me second from the left at Season restaurant in Hastings Street (and check out the colour of the sea in the background!)

The girls striding along the boardwalk

Plenty of action near the surf club

There was a big beach volley ball competition.

The next morning we hit the local Farmers' Market. It's mango season, and I love mangoes. Heaven!

Breakfast was yoghurt and fruit salad from this stall

We stocked up on mangoes and avocados, but had to forgo the flowers.

After the markets, time for a quick shop at Noosaville

We grabbed at coffee at a cafe opposite the river.

Then it was off to Jo's for lunch, passing this amazing poinciana on the way.

Jo's dog Zulu having a snooze
 I was pretty envious of Jo's colourful hammock...

 and this beautiful grevillea.

After a fabulous lunch (Jo's red pepper and pesto tart), it was time to head home to Brisbane, and once again ponder on the drive home how I could have left it so long between visits, and how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends.

To see more of the nearby beaches, visit here and here.


  1. From the looks of things, you all had a great time. Living here on the shore I can understand everyone's "want" to be near the beach. I love it too. When I saw the avocado, I smiled. I just had one on my salad for lunch. Love them too! Jack

    1. I'm lucky my brother grows them in his garden, Jack. I will definitely be stocking up with them when I head down at Christmas.

  2. We tell ourselves every day as we walk on the beach after work just how lucky we are! Are you sure that is just one poinciana tree? It is huge. They are a favourite of mine. Mangoes and avodacos are what make this humid and muggy season worthwhile.

    1. You are lucky indeed. I guess I took it for granted when I was young, but I see friends like Jo who have dreamed of moving to the beach and when they have finally done it, have to keep pinching themselves. And that was one poinciana. What a beauty.

  3. You girls had a great time...wish I had been there. It's always good to reconnect and spend some down-time with our friends.
    Lovely photos. Loved Zulu. Loved the beach. Loved the shopping. Loved the plants. Loved it all.
    Jo's red pepper and pesto tart looks delish. I may have to track down that recipe.

    1. I was thinking of you on the way home, Virginia. As we passed over the Brisbane River, my friend commented on a huge cruise boat heading out to sea. I told her I had a blogging friend who sometimes has 3 or 4 moored just offshore. They are a fairly rare sight here. If I can get hold of Jo's recipe, I'll pass it on. It was great!

  4. Oh dear, a beach post, just when I've returned from a trip to the beach and I'm acutely feeling how far inland I live. I had a look at the other posts you linked to as well, love the Christmas beetles and the sand bead patterns.

    1. I don't have your distance problem, Mac but finding the time can be a challenge. Luckily, I will be following up this beach visit with a trip to the family at Ballina for Christmas.

  5. Marisa a beautiful account of a successful, happy holiday. Some of my family and I head up to Noosa usually in September, just for a few days which are always enjoyable despite the crowds.

    1. September is a great time to head up there, Titania. Before it gets too hot and even more crowded.



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