Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day August 2012

The fifteenth of the month and Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day has come around very quickly for me this month. I have been in transit the last few days and arrived here in Bangkok last night. Of course, if I had been organised, I would have had my draft post ready, but it was a particularly inelegant and disorganised departure. I was still weeding and mulching furiously on the afternoon before I left Brisbane, and I needed to clean out my water feature, so my fish would be happy for the next few months without me. By the time it came to packing, every muscle was aching and I was just not with it, but fortunately, through all the chaos, I managed to keep snapping in the lead up to my departure, so that I could share what's happening in my late winter garden.

Most eagerly awaited were my first-ever anemones: one red, one blue. I rushed down each morning to check progress of the buds until they finally opened.  Before I left to start work in Jakarta, most of the 25 or so corms I had planted had come up, but when I returned there were only two left, which made them all the more precious.

The osteospermum has been spot flowering for weeks now.

The seedhead from the Bird of Paradise Strelitzia

I'm always happy to see the Brugmansia in flower

This is its corner of the garden. Sort of looks okay, doesn't it?

Appearances can be deceptive. From a different angle, it was not a pretty story.

In my enthusiasm to pull out some old roots, I flicked up lots of the pavers. 

I eventually accepted that I wasn't going to get around to fixing it. Thank heavens for Hire A Hubby!

So, here I am in Bangkok thinking about what I am going to miss in my own garden come Spring (September in Australia), mostly the orchids and the first blooms of the daylilies.

The Dancing lady or Oncidium Orchid already has a flower spike.

So does the Rock Orchid Dendrobium speciosum

I have a day lily border around about three-quarters of my front garden now.

To see more of what is happening in gardens around the world, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens. And do drop back for a visit to see the latest of my adventures in Thailand and Indonesia. My next post will include the fabulous Jim Thompson's house that I visited this morning here in Bangkok.


  1. I wish my upstate New York (United States) garden looked like yours at any time of year. I love that you have nothing I grow. To me, it's exotic. Thank you for visiting my blog, and happy GBBD.

    1. I get very envious of lots of your cooler climate plants. Luckily, we can enjoy all types of blooms and gardens through GBBD.

  2. I think that corner with the Brugmansias is gorgeous! I love it in front of the darker foliage.... I will remember that combination for later. And I would feel the same way waiting for those tropical anemones to bloom!
    ~Julie in PA

    1. I think I'll definitely have to repeat my spring-flowering bulbs and seedling experiments again next year so that I can see and enjoy the results for myself.



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