Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bali: The Temples - Tirta Empul

I visited the holy springs at Tirta Empul on my previous visit to Bali in 2008 (click here to see), but it is such a special place that I was thrilled with the chance to return on my fleeting business trip to Bali last week.

The spring water gushes out into a bathing pool and is reputed to restore youthfulness. I didn't take the plunge like these young devotees, but I must admit to having dabbed a little on my face -- I live in hope!

You don't think they are really a middle-aged couple who have spent too long in the magical spring water, do you?

Steny risking a dunking in pursuit of eternal youth.

Over 90% of the population are Balinese Hindus, a combination of local beliefs and Hindu influences

This distinguished gentleman showed us around the temple.

Some of the elaborate ornamentation inside the temple.


  1. Those youngsters (heehee?) in the water are so adorable, and the fifth photo is wonderful.

    1. Yes,Mac. The little girl was just gorgeous with her baby brother.



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