Sunday, 15 January 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day January 2012

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, the first for 2012. 

On the 15th of each month, Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts this meme, which provides a chance for garden bloggers around the world to share what is happening in their gardens.

Here in sub-tropical Brisbane, it is midsummer. The garden has taken a bit of a hammering since last GBBD as December was as uncharacteristically dry as November had been (and, in the chaos of the holiday season, I was a little remiss with my watering). 

Since then, I have had a big tidy-up and have pulled out most of the 'Wendy's Wish' salvias and the cosmos. There is a bit of a gap in the garden, but it won't be for long. I am replacing the salvias with cuttings, and the cosmos have self-seeded. I have supplemented them with some interesting and different cosmos seeds that I ordered online and have sewn directly into the garden bed. I have 'Psyche' doubles, 'Seashells', 'Versailles' White and Flush, 'Sensation' Gloria and C. Bipinnatus 'Daydream'. I can't wait to see them in flower.

I am really enjoying one of my more recent additions to the garden, Nymphaea helvola, a miniature waterlily, and have bought some new goldfish to add to the existing white cloud fish family.  

Just opening...

The Brugmansia or Angel's Trumpet has been a mass of flowers. It is difficult to decide what is more beautiful, the flowers or its perfume.

The brugmansia is underplanted with Costus, or spiral ginger. There is a faded beauty in their spent flowers.

The Leopard Lily Belamcanda chinensis can always be relied on for a splash of colour.

So too, the variegated Alstomeria. I made lovely little Christmas posies using the flowers and foliage, combined with red pentas and parsley flowers.

There's lots of new growth on the Zamias.

And the Hammerhead Frangipani Plumeria pudica is just stunning.

Another pristine beauty is Hibiscus 'Wilders White'

The daylilies are reflowering.


'Passion for Life'

'Velvet Rose'

Finally, I can always bank on a bromeliad blooming. This Neoregelia is another purloined on a visit to my brother's garden. It is almost a miniature so helps to provide variety of size as well as the contrast of its speckled foliage. Also, for brom growers, I spotted this handy tip on ABC Gardening Australia Magazine's facebook page. Editor Jennifer Stackhouse talked about mosquitos breeding in bromeliad cups - to stop them breeding, regularly add just a few drops of coconut oil, which you can find  at Asian grocers and health food stores


  1. Loads of terrific blooms for GBBD! Those new Cosmos seeds sound so interesting. I can't wait to see photos of them when they've bloomed.

    Love the Water Lily and the Brug, but your variegated Alstroemeria always catches my eye. Both the variegated foliage and the flower are wonderful.

    We finally had a decent day of rain here yesterday. It's overcast today but no sign of any more rain. I hope you get some soon, as I know just how dry it's been down there this summer.

    1. Thanks Bernie. I was just out in the garden and it started spitting, but doesn't look like we will get much more. Glad to hear you have had good rain.

  2. Loved seeing your blooms! I really love the water lilies - and the brugs are magnificent! I would love to smell the frangipani! Happy GBBD!

  3. Beautiful collection there! This is the first time I've visited another GBBD that had more than 3 plants in common with my own garden. We must have about the same weather and climate. Very fun to see a parallel universe in Australia.
    BTW: Thanks for all the kind comments.

  4. I have been recommended Helvola as an excellent choice for a small water feature... your's is lovely! I can easily agree regarding your thoughts on brugsmansias... as a matter of fact, I have several cuttings that I rooted this fall in bloom right now... they share space with my orchid collection, and the blossoms are bigger than the plants!! Larry

  5. I loved your post because your garden is so completely different than mine in upstate New York (United States). Each photo was more beautiful than the last. I will go to sleep tonight dreaming of a Only 4 more months to our spring....

  6. Absolutely stunning summer display. I love the pink Brugmansia. The waterlily is dreamily beautiful. Lovely garden. I also loved the "faded beauty"! I love out of the ordinary..

  7. Thanks for visiting. It is a pity we can't blog fragrances too, isn't it. I know some people can't cope with strongly perfumed gardens, but I love them. It wouldn't be a summer evening without the night-scented jasmine, the brugs or the frangipani, and especially after the rain. I really enjoy the 'parallel universe' of gardening blogging. It will be great to visit your North American gardens in four or five months time, when mine is very boring.



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